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    Nit de LĺArt

    A yearly celebration marking the start of the art season in Palma de Mallorca.

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    Festival del Mar

    International gay and lesbian film festival.

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    2008 Any Guillem Cifre de Colonya

    Web site about the centenary of the death of Guillem Cifre de Colonya.

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    Fireta de Llibres i Tebeos Vells

    Fair where individuals and booksellers put up for sale popular-priced comics and books, organised by the Association of Friends and Victims of Comics.

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    Fira del disc

    Web of the record fair that is held every year in Palma.

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    Festival Chopin

    Web of the Chopin Festival, celebrated annually at the Carthusian in Valldemossa.

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    Palma Photo

    Annual initiative promoted by some art galleries in Palma, that shows the best of the modern photography.

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    Arruixada 2001

    Alternative dinner organsied by a group of creators and consumers of culture who manifest against the cultural policy of the Palma Council.

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    La Casa del Cactus

    Group that organises art exhibitions.

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    Festival de Pollenša

    Every August the Pollenša Festival is held in the Sant Domingo Cloister in Pollenša.

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    Proclama per l'ensenyament en catalÓ

    Proclamation of the XI edition of the "Setmana del Llibre en CatalÓ" (Catalan book week) (24/2/2000).

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    International Festival of DeiÓ

    The prestigious chamber music festival in beautiful Son Marroig and in the DeiÓ church. Schedule, venues, composers, poster gallery, artists and festival history.

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    Premi Carlemany de NovelĚla

    Amongst the winners of previous editions we can find the Mallorcan writers, Maria de la Pau Janer, in 1995 for "Natura d'anguila", and Gabriel Janer Manila, in 1997 for "Els jardins incendiats".

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    Enric Valor i Vives

    Enric Valor i Vives (Castalla, PaÝs ValenciÓ, 1911) will receive the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of the Balearic Islands.

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    Sa Mostra

    International folklore show that is celebrated every year in Soller at the end of July and that has the participation of groups from all over the world.

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    Josep Massot i Muntaner

    Web dedicated to the Mallorcan writer, Josep Massot i Muntaner, and his investiture as Doctor Honoris Causa at the UIB. At present Josep Massot is in charge of Publications of the Monsterrat Abbey.

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    Premi Nadal Batle i Nicolau - Consell Social de la UIB

    The prize will be given to the best unedited informative essay or novel, written in Catalan, which deals totally or partially with information technologies and their social impact, excluding science fiction.

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    Ausias March - Mag Teatre - Mag Poesia

    "600 anys d'AusiÓs March" - Homage to the medieval catalan poet, by Magisteri Theatre Company-UIB.

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    Correllengua 1999

    Original relay race in which the Flama de la Llengua, (Language Flame) is used. The participants symbolise with this gesture their commitment to Mallorca's own language, Catalan. Join the Great Human Chain!

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