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    Amadip Esment

    Majorcan Association for Persons with Psychic Disabilities and employment special centre.

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    CAL═DER is a Temp. Agency for the BAi Group, specialising in jobs related to hostelry and services. Delegation in the Balearics based in Palma.

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    Online job bank.

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    Fred Dovaston, SL

    International Yacht Crew Agency based in Mallorca.

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    Fundaciˇ Deixalles

    The Deixalles Foundation is a non-lucrative entity constituted in 1986 via an initiative of the Social Delegation of the Diocese Caritas (charity) and the Small and Medium Business Association of Mallorca(PIMEM). Its main objective is social and labour insertion for underprivileged people of our society.

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    Fundaciˇ Universitat Empresa de les Illes Balears

    Postgraduate and Master courses. Relation between the UIB and businesses. Job bank and practice in firms.

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    The IFES (Instituto de Formaciˇn y Estudios Sociales) is a foundation created by the UGT committed to promoting work. Delegated office for the Balearics in Palma.

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    Institut Municipal de Formaciˇ Ocupacional i Feina (IMFOF)

    The IMFOF is an autonomous body depending on the Town Hall of Palma. Its key objective is the promotion of employment within Palma (by job counselling and vocational training), to encourage the creation of businesses as well as foster the development in the different productive sectors of the local economy (trade, tourism, nautics, craftwork, etc.).

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    La pedra en sec

    Web dedicated to dry stone walls. Recovery of the dry stone wall building profession.

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    Leticia Van Allen, SL

    Yacht crew placement agency in Palma.

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    Temporary employment agency with office in Palma.

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    Job finding service of the Ministry of Work and Training of the Balearic Government.

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    Vedior Laborman

    The Vedior Group is one of the world leaders in Temporary Jobs. Integral service in human resources and job bank. Delegation in Calle Menorca, 20 of Palma.

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