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The Mills of Mallorca

The Mills of Mallorca
FODESMA is a section of the Promotion and Occupation Department of the Insular Council of Mallorca dedicated to the restoration, preservation and diffusion of the ethnological heritage, by developing professional training programmes. To promote the importance of the Mallorcan Mills, FODESMA has created the Mallorca Mills web site, including information on waterwheel mills, windmills and animal traction mills, as well as the catalogue of windmills existing on Mallorca. The web, edited in Catalan, Spanish and English, also includes information about the restoration programme for windmills and about the workshops of Son Bonet. More over there is a section dedicated to the IV International Molinology Conference, that will be held from May 1 to 3 in Palma, organised by the Insular Council of Mallorca and ACEM (Asociaciˇn para la Conservaciˇn y Estudio de los Molinos).

FODESMA also catalogues, analyses and restores paths and stone constructions (dry stone walls, charcoal burners' huts, snow houses and terraces), and carries out the project "Ruta de la Pedra en Sec", a route that goes across 90 kilometres of mountains, from Andratx to Pollenša, following the old network of rural paths of the Serra de Tramuntana. There is more information about this project on the web La pedra en sec, created by FODESMA in 2000.

Photo ę BalearWeb: MolÝ de sa Planeta (Andratx)
Datum: 15/01/2003

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