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Eduardo Pavlovsky at the Teatre Sans

Eduardo Pavlovsky at the Teatre Sans
As part of the cycle, "Pro Arts del Món", this week Eduardo Pavlovsky will give four unique and extraordinary performances at the Teatre Sans in Palma. The actor, dramaturgist and psychotherapist doctor, Pavlovsky, is a complete institution in Buenos Aires.

The creator of the Psycho dramatic Movement in Latin America, many of his works have participated in international festivals and some have reached the large screen.

On Mallorca he will represent  two monologues,  "La muerte de Marguerite Duras", on October 23 and 24 at 8.30 p.m. and "Potestad", on the 25 and 26 at the same time.

More information:

Cafè Teatre Sans
Carrer Can Sanç, 5
07001 PALMA
Tel. - answer phone: 971727166
Fax: 971723597
Datum: 23/10/2003

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