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One billion children suffer effects of poverty

One billion children suffer effects of poverty
According to a new UNICEF-commissioned report entitled "Child Poverty in the Developing World", more than one billion children suffer effects of poverty

The results of the study show:

- One child of every three lives in a dwelling with more than five people per room, or with a mud floor.
-  Nearly 20% of the world's children do not have safe water sources or have more than a 15-minute walk to water.
- Over 15% of children under five in the developing world are severely malnourished. In South Asia alone, more than 90 million children go hungry every day.
- 134 million children between the ages of 7 to 18 have never been to school.
- Girls are more likely to go without schooling than boys. In the Middle East and North Africa, in particular, girls are three times more likely than boys to have never attended to school.

More information:

- News note by UNICEF in English.

- "Child Poverty in the Developing World" (full report in PDF format)
Datum: 22/10/2003

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