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No more war!

No more war!
Coinciding with the first anniversary of the start of the Irak war and with the slogan  "No més guerra. Fora invasors de l'Iraq", (No more war:  Invaders of Iraq go home!) some 4.000 people demonstrated last Saturday through the streets of the centre of Palma to show their rejection of the war and to reaffirm their commitment with peace. The demo, organised by the Plataforma per la Democràcia i la Globalització Social, took place peacefully from the plaza de Espanya up to the Born, where the photographer, Jaume Rosselló, representing the union Sindicat de Periodistes de les Illes Balears (SPIB), read a unitarian manifest. The event ended with the song by Pau Casals "El Cant dels ocells" performed on the cello by Miriam Rader. 

The same day, at noon, some 40 people performed a protest "cacerolada" (saucepan banging) outside the Maó town hall, while in Ciutadella various posters against war and pro peace were hung. Also, in Eivissa, some thousand people were convened by the Plataforma per la Pau and demonstrated through the streets of Vila. 

The first demonstration against the war was held on February 15 last year.  The following demos were on March 15, on March 20 coinciding with the start of the war, on March 19 and April 12l. The historic demonstration held on March 12 of this year after the brutal terrorist attack in Madrid, can be included in this list.

Photo © BalearWeb
Datum: 23/03/2004

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