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Can Verga, Joan March's house in Santa Margalida

Can Verga, Joan March's house in Santa Margalida

Web page about the controversial banker.

A couple of years ago, MallorcaWeb published "Joan March: smuggler, businessman, politician and banker ". The article was about the report by lavila.org dedicated to the banker Joan March Ordinas (Santa Margalida, 1880 - Madrid, 1962), known popularly as En Verga. The report was based on the unpublished 10 accounting books of the firm March Hermanos, discovered by Miquel Monjo Estelrich in the banker's house in Santa Margalida, where hi lived for 11 years. The accounting books, mostly hand written by Joan March, are of great historical importance since they document the electoral bribes and the tobacco smuggling carried out by the controversial character at the beginning of the XX century.

Now Miquel Monjo Estelrich has published the web "Colecciˇn Can Verga (Juan March Ordinas)" featuring detailed information about Joan March, distributed in six different categories: biography, quotations, human aspects, businesses, heirs to the fortune and reminder. According to Miquel Monjo, the initial idea was to open the house of Can Verga in Santa Margalida to the public and exhibite the documents, furniture and other objects of the collection. The required institutional support has not been provided, so Miquel Monjo has decided to create this web page and show part of the collection online.

Joan March lived in this house of Santa Margalida from 1905, when he married Elionor Servera Melis, until 1916, when he left that town, never to return, saying "I'm leaving Santa Margalida and I will not return until I am the richest man in the world.".

Photo: Portrait of Joan March Ordinas carried out by Ignacio Zuloaga (Fundaciˇn Juan March)

Datum: 13/09/2004

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