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Friends of the hospices

Friends of the hospices

Association dedicated to help lessen unnecessary pain and suffering.

ARA is ans association dedicated to help lessen the unnecessary pain and suffering that so frequently is present during the last stages of an incurable disease. With the aid of specially trained professionals, patients and their families are helped to overcome their fears and loneliness so that this state of affairs can become a profoundly rich experience, therefore permitting them to become aware of new sensations and appreciating the fulfilment of life.

The association, formed by persons who wish to help give serenity and harmony to a life that is ending, offers information about the right to receive end of life care, support to the palliative care units, volunteers trained by the association to provide company for the patients and families, individualised physiological and social assistance, professional training, collaboration with the public administration and bereavement groups.

Respecting the ability of the patients to decide their own way of coping with reality, ARA hopes to provide some of the answers relating to the necessities and deficiencies which are all apparent in our society with regard to end of life attention. And it is now (ara) in this situation, where our most precious gift is today, this moment, that the association offers its resources in order to live with confidence and serenity.

More information: www.associacioara.com

Datum: 20/09/2005

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