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"Mallorcans, foreigners and mainlanders", by Jacqueline Waldren

"Mallorcans, foreigners and mainlanders", by Jacqueline Waldren

The Centre de Informaciˇ i Promociˇ de la Cultura Escrita a Mallorca (CIPCEM) will hold next Tuesday, February 19, at 8 p.m. the presentation of the book "Mallorquins, estrangers i forasters", by Jacqueline Waldren. The new book, published by the Editorial Moll, will be presented by the author and by the writer Gabriel Janer Manila.

The American anthropologist, Jacqueline Waldren, has lived in DeiÓ for over forty years and analyses in this book the impact that the foreigners and mainlanders have made since they started settling in the town since the XIX century. The author shows how for over a century Mallorcans, foreigners and mainlanders have evolved, adapting to the circumstances caused by the migrations, the wars, the political changes, technological advances and tourism.

Jacqueline Waldren published in 1996 a book in English about the same topic called "Insiders and outsiders. Paradise and reality in Mallorca".

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Date of publication: 13/02/2002

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