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General Election results 2004

General Election results 2004
The PSOE have won the general elections 2004 and the socialist leader José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will be the new president. Of the total number of MPs that make up the Congress, the PSOE obtained 164 seats with the support from 10,909.687 voters who represent 42.64%. Since there is not an overall majority of 176 MPs, to be able to form a stable government the PSOE will need to have parliamentary support from other groups. The remaining seats in the Congress are shared as follows: PP 148, CiU 10, ERC 8, EAJ-PNV 7, IU 5, CC 3, BNG 2, CHA 1, EA 1, Na-Bai 1.

As for the 8 MPs to be chosen in the Balearics, 4 are for the PP list led by Maria Salom and 4 for the PSOE candidates, led by Francesc Antich. The candidacy of the Progressistes per les Illes Balears, formed by PSM-EN, EU, EV and ERC did not obtain representation with 8.59% of the votes. Neither did UM with 2.23% of the votes. 

Finally, the 3 senators elected for Mallorca are Joan Fageda and  Carlos Ripoll from the PP and Joaquín Antonio Bellón of the PSOE, the senator for Menorca is  José Seguí Díaz of the PP, and the senator for Eivissa-Formentera is Antonio Marí of the Partido Popular.
More information: www.elec2004.mir.es
Date of publication: 15/03/2004

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