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Weather information for the Balearic Islands

Weather information for the Balearic Islands

Forecasts of clouds, wind, rain, waves...

Forecasts of clouds, wind, rain, waves... are essential when planning outdoor sports and leisure activities, and the Internet is an inexhaustible source of weather resources at our disposal. One of the the most useful pages for information about weather conditions that affect the Balearic Islands is the local weather forecasts for the Balearic Islands by the Meteorology Group at the University of the Balearic Islands. The system allows you to select variables such as temperature, rain, wind or clouds, among others, and display the data provided by island or by town every three hours from the time of the initial prediction (H+00), until the final prediction (H+48).

If you are interested in water activities, check the maps of wind and waves by the Port Authority, which allows you to display forecasts every three hours with a forecast horizon of three days.

Other highly recommended resources are the local forecasts by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), with seven days ahead and the TV3 weather forecasts for the Balearic Islands, two days ahead.

Finally, also worth stressing are the multiple automatic weather stations maintained by people and organizations throughout the Islands, such as the Davis Vantage Pro stations maintained Biel Perellˇ in Pollenša and in S'Albufera. The Meteoclimatic network brings together some fifty of these automatic stations, very useful for knowing the current weather conditions.

Picture ę MallorcaWeb: Weather station in the UIB Campus

Date of publication: 16/03/2011

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