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The S'Esclop mountain, 926 m high, is to be found in the south west part of the Serra de Tramuntana, between the municipalities of Andratx, Estellencs and CalviÓ. Because of its proximity, the Mola de S'Esclop is considered to be the sister mountain of the Puig de Galatzˇ, sharing with this mountain a much of its magnetism and legends.

Leaving the legends to one side, in the history of S'Esclop an episode must not be forgotten... it is the episode of Franšois Aragˇ (Roussillon, 1786 - Paris 1853). In May 1808, when the French War started, the young astronomer was staying on the S'Esclop measuring the famous Green Meridian and, thanks to being able to speak Catalan, he saved himself from being lynched by pretending to be a Mallorcan peasant. At the top of the Mola de S'Esclop there are still remains of the stone hut known as the Frenchman's Hut, where Franšois Aragˇ stayed. On the summit there is a Trig. Point which, together with the Trig. Point on the Mola de Formentera and that of Campevei on Ibiza, forms part of the triangulation network that Franšois Aragˇ and other astronomers used in the calculations for the Green Meridian and in the definition of the unit of the present-day Metric Decimal System.

There are several ways of ascending to S'Esclop. You can access it from Andratx, passing via S'Alqueria and Sa Coma Clova. The mountain is also accessible from Es CapdellÓ, passing via the Cases de Galatzˇ and Es Comellar de ses SÝnies. The Estellencs road links up with several routes, such as the one that starts at the Caseta des Forn del Paneca and passes via the Pla de S'Ordi.

The route described in this report is circular, starting and ending at the Mirador des Grau or Mirador Ricard Roca, which is found at the kilometre point 97 on the Andratx to Estellencs Road C-710. Cars can be left in the parking area of the Mirador to carry on along the road on foot approximately one kilometre towards Estellencs, as far as a wide path signposted on the right that leads the Son Fortuny picnic area, also called Ses Serveres, where there are tables and benches and a reconstructed charcoal burners' hut. Just behind the hut the path starts for the ascent to the Coll de sa Moleta Rasa, via the Pas des CossÝ, between the imposing Penyal des Morro on the left and the Serra des Pinotells on the right. At the end of the Pas des CossÝ the path divides in two directions, as shown by the existing signpost; the left fork leads to the Puig de Galatzˇ and the right, which we must chose, takes us to S'Esclop bordering the Serra des Pinotells.

As the path approaches S'Esclop, first rising, then descending and finally ascending once more, a wide panoramic view opens up over the municipality of Calvia to the south and towards the Estellencs coast to the north. Following carefully the markers along the path, you reach S'Esplanada, easily recognisable by the old threshing circle and a large rock known as Penyal Blanca. From this point you can find the ruined hut, Sa Balau or Caseta de S'Esclop, or else go immediately up the path to S'Esclop, which does not present great difficulties but does need maximum attention and using one's hands.

The summit offers extraordinary views over the north coast, the Serra de Tramuntana with the Puig de Galatzˇ in the foreground, and the west coast with the Dragonera island in the background.

We descend along the same east side of the mountain and then we return via the Coll de sa Font des Quer, easily found by the Black Poplars that give shade to the place and the rock that gives the name to the fountain. The path, almost covered by Mauritanian grass, descends steeply towards the Cases des Grau, reaching once more the C-710 road, a few metres away from the Mirador des Grau.


  1. Son Fortuny picnic area
  2. Pas des CossÝ
  3. Serra des Pinotells
  4. Coll de sa Moleta Rasa
  5. Old threshing circle with S'Esclop in the background
  6. Penyal Blanca
  7. Caseta de Sa Balau with S'Esclop in the background
  8. Frenchman's Hut
  9. Views towards Andratx
  10. Views towards Galatzˇ
  11. Descent towards the Coll des Quer
  12. Font des Quer
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