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Water, a scarce commodity on Mallorca, has been a key factor throughout history in the choice of settlements for humans. Therefore, the best properties on the island are to be found near wells and natural fountains. Raixa, a property at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, within the municipality of Bunyola, is a good example of this. Due to the abundance of water and the fertile land of this privileged place, the Moors founded her the farmstead Araixa, which is the origin of the present name of the property.

After the Catalan reconquest, the property passed through different hands and families, until in January 2002, Raixa, which is classed as of Cultural Interest (BIC) was bought by the Mallorcan Council and the Ministry of Environment of the Central Spanish Government, with a view to restoring it for public use.

The most relevant character in the history of Raixa is the Cardinal Antoni Despuig i Dameto, a very cultured and much traveled man of the XVIII century who transformed the old agricultural farm buildings into a palace with an Italian style surrounded by the most emblematic gardens in Mallorca.

In the last few decades, Raixa has been the scene of several film productions such as "Evil Under the Sun", based on the Agatha Christie novel, "Bearn", about the novel by Llorenš Villalonga, and "Presence of Mind" (El Zel), the first full feature film by the Mallorcan, Antoni Aloy. The singular place has also inspired several adverts and more recently has given name to the latest record by Maria del Mar Bonet.

The charm and romance of the exterior of the palace, the interior patio, the chapel, the gardens, the stairway, the large pond and the mirador look out points are the main highlights.

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