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Sa Dragonera

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Sa Dragonera
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The Dragonera Natural Park, made up of the Dragonera island and the islets Es Pantaleu and Na Mitjana, is situated in the west of Mallorca, facing Sant Elm, in the municipality of Andratx.

Dragonera island is 4 km. long, up to a maximum of 1 km. wide with 300 hectares, and geologically is considered as the continuation of the Tramuntana range. It is 700 metres from the island of Mallorca, separated from this by a channel called Es Freu, used formerly for commercial navigation until the beginning of the XX century, when, to avoid accidents, boats began to go round the Es Llebeig cape. Due to its strategic situation, Sa Dragoner has been used throughout its history by pirates and smugglers, generating a multitude of legends round the island.

Sa Dragonera suffered an attempt to urbanise it in the 70s and 80s until in 1988 the Mallorcan Council bought the island from the bank that was the owner. In 1995 it was declared a National Part applying Law 4/89 for Natural Areas, to guarantee the definite environmental protection.

Visits to the Dragonera can be made by tourist boats that leave Port d'Andratx and Sant Elm. To visit the island with private boats an official request must be made to the Mallorcan Council, the entity that administers the natural part, together with the Balearic Autonomous Community.

Near the natural port of Cala Lladˇ, the arrival point for the island, there is a restored house that has become a small museum for the park, the visitors' centre and the caretakers' house. From this point excursions can be made on foot as far as the Puig de na P˛pia, the highest point of the island; to the Tramuntana lighthouse, the NE point of the island; the Llebeig lighthouse, the extreme SW of the island. Other interesting points are the Cova des Moro and the Tower of Llebeig.

The flora and fauna of Sa Dragonera are similar to those of Mallorca, although on the island some very interesting endemic species can be found, such as the lizard known scientifically as "Podarcis lifordi ssp. giglioli".

Sa Dragonera conserves all its natural charm and has no tourist establishment in which to stay nor any restaurants. To compensate this, Sant Elm and Port d'Andratx have a wide selection of accommodation and numerous restaurants that serve delicious dishes to satisfy the most demanding palates.

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