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Son FornÚs

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Son FornÚs
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The MolÝ d'en Fraret in Montu´ri, a completely restored flour mill of the XVIII century, has been the headquarters since 2001 for the Museo Arqueolˇgico de Son FornÚs. This singular museum, administered by the Fundaciˇ Son FornÚs, has a permanent monographic exhibition on the discoveries and investigations carried out in the archaeological remains of Son FornÚs, situated on the outskirts of Montu´ri, and gives via the different areas a trip into the past that starts in the talaiot period 900 years before our era and reaches the VI century BC.

Founded at the beginning of the talaiot era, the archaeologists consider Son FornÚs to be one of the most important prehistoric urban remains on Mallorca. Two talaiots are most outstanding, one of which is the largest preserved on the island with 17 metres diameter and 3.5 metres tall, and these dominate the the group, fulfilling the principal commitment of defence and control. Before visiting the site, it is a good idea to visit the Museum first to find out information and how to find the site, as the path is not indicated at the moment.

Entrance to the museum costs 3.5 euros for the general pubic and 2 euros for students, groups and pensioners. Visiting times are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 8 p.m.

More information:

Museu Arqueol˛gic de Son FornÚs

MolÝ d'en Fraret. C/. Emili Pou, s/n

07230 Montu´ri

Tel/Fax: 971644169


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