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Soller Firˇ

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Soller Firˇ
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The second Sunday in May Sˇller celebrates its Fair and the next day, Monday, the Firˇ: the town's most popular festival which commemorates the battle of 11 May 1561. This historic day Saracen troops landed and occupied the town and after numerous combats they were finally defeated by the Soller troops.

The events start on Thursday with the investiture of the Brave Women and the reading of the official proclamation. On Saturday there is a procession carrying the Victory Virgin to the St. Bartholomew Parish which hosts the traditional offering of flowers. On Sunday, the day of the Fair, there are craft and farming exhibitions and the day ends with an open air dance and rum burning accompanied by live music by Xeremiers.

On Monday, the day of the Firˇ, during the morning there is the offering of crowns to the monument erected to honor the heroes of May 11, followed by a Mass at Can Tammany, with participation by the Brave Women and other historical characters and Xeremiers. At three o'clock, with the bell ringing to alert the arrival of enemy ships, the mock battle between Moors and Christians begins. The Angelats CapitÓ encourages farmers to the fight and bandits arrive to assist in the defense of Soller. There is fighting on the beach of Can Generˇs, in the beach d'en Repic and at the Pont d'en Barona. Saracen troops enter the town and loot the houses and the church. The Moor king arrives at the square to declare victory but the farmers get regrouped to fight again and finally defeat the enemy.

The annual programme of events is available during the festivity on the website of the Soller Town Council.

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