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Holy week in Mallorca

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Holy week in Mallorca
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Holy Week on Mallorca is not only a religious celebration to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also a popular tradition. The liturgical events begin on Palm Sunday with the blessing of palms, followed by a procession that represents the triumphant entry into Jerusalem by Jesus. This is held in all the parishes.

In Palma, the Holy Week Brotherhoods Association organises a cultural programme during the week before the Holy week, starting on Monday with the opening of the exhibition of standards and flags of the the city brotherhoods, at the Sant Antoniet Church. This cultural week, including concerts in different churches, finishes on Friday night with the Procession of Standards and the official proclamation of the Holy Week at the Sant Frances Basilica. Afterwards, there are processions every day, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, but the most important are the ones known as Christ of the Blood (Maundy Thursday) and Holy Burial (Good Friday), which are also held in nearly all the towns on Mallorca. On Good Friday, at 12 noon, the steps of the Palma Cathedral are the scene of the theatrical performance of the Via Crucis by Llorenç Moyà.

On Good Friday, the spectacular "Davallament" is held at the Calvari of Pollença: the procession with the image of the dead Jesus descends the Calvari hill down the 365 stone steps, bordered by Yew trees. We also recommend the "Davallament" in the Sant Salvador enclosure of Artà, the procession in Sineu, the "Davallament" in Felanitx and the celebrations that take place at the Lluc Sanctuary.

The Holy Week finishes on Easter Sunday, with the Procession of the Meeting which represents the meeting of the newly risen Jesus with his mother, held in most towns. But the next week the related activities continue, with the traditional "Pancaritats" and pilgrimages to sanctuaries and hermitages. In Palma city, the Sunday after Easter Sunday, there is a festive day at the Bellver Castle, called Angel Sunday, which is organised by the Town Council and the Federation of Neighbours' Associations.

At this time of the year, it is traditional to make and eat typical Easter food such as "panades" (meat pies), "robiols" and "crespells" (sweet pastries).

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