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    Cluster of information and communication technology (ICT) applied to tourism in the Balearic Islands.

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    Official Association of Computer Technical Engineers of the Balearics.

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    The group IGLUES (Iniciativa de Gestiˇn Libre Universal para Empresas y Sociedades) is a non profit making association dedicated to the creation and promotion of free software for businesses.

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    Flash Balear

    Wireless network in Palma.

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    Group from Mallorca that participates in the SETI@home project, searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, developed by the Berkeley University (California) in collaboration with the SETI institute.

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    Grup Soft Balear

    Association of business from the Balearic Islands that produce software.

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    Centre de Tecnologies de la informaciˇ - UIB

    The Technology Centre supports the administration, teaching and investigation tasks of the Balearic University.

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    Parc Bit

    ParcBIT Desenvolupament S.A, technological park situated in Son Espanyol, promoted by the Balearic Government.

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    Bulma (Biso˝os Usuarios de Linux de Mallorca y Alrededores)

    Users association for the Linux operative system.

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    SoftcatalÓ is a non-lucrative association that strives towards the normalisation of the Catalan language in the computer sector relating to Internet.

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    Escola UniversitÓria PolitŔcnica - UIB

    Center of the University of the Balearic Islands. Computer techniques for administration, Technical Engineering for Computer Systems and Engineering in telecomunications, specialisting in Telematics.

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    Departament de CiŔncies MatemÓtiques i InformÓtica de la UIB

    Departament of Mathematics and Computers of the UIB. Interesting information, activities, research, staff.

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    Consorci d'InformÓtica Local de Mallorca (CILMA)

    The Consortium of Local Computer Science (C.I.L.M.A.) is a support organ for local administration. It guarantees the intermunicipal balance, defends the interests of the grouped organisms.

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    Fundaciˇ IBIT

    Fundaciˇ Illes Balears per a la Innovaciˇ Tecnol˛gica.

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