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The Internet portals BalearWeb, MallorcaWeb, MenorcaWeb, EivissaWeb and FormenteraWeb (herein referred to as the Portals) are the property of MallorcaWeb, SL (herein referred to as the Firm) and are accessible via the internet domains: balearweb.com, mallorcaweb.com, menorcaweb.com, eivissaweb.com and formenteraweb.com..

One of the services offered to the users of the Portals is the free web and electronic mail accounts under the domains balearweb.net, mallorcaweb.net, menorcaweb.net, eivissaweb.net and formenteraweb.net. Therefore, the web and electronic mail addresses with the ending ".net" are used by individuals and legal entities unconnected to the Firm.

Some of the services that are offered from the Portals require prior registration by the users. In the majority of cases the only personal data requested is the electronic mail of the user and in others, such as the case of the free web and mail service, a form must be completed where other personal data is requested. The data is stored with strict confidentiality to protect the users' privacy, is not used for any other end and is not ceded to third parties. According to the principles of data protection stipulated in the current legislation, the user may access, modify and cancel his or her data, by contacting the Firm.

The information and other contents of the Portals cannot be reproduced without previous authorisation by the Firm.


The Portals, as the majority of websites, use cookies to personalize and measure users browsing, and for the management of publicity spaces. The cookies are associated with anonymous users and with their computers, but do not provide the user's full name. The installation of cookies is not a compulsory condition for gaining access to the Portals. The user can deactivate cookies by modifying the configuration of his or her browser. More information about cookies can be found in the Wikipedia.

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Registered in the Registre Mercantil of Mallorca. Page 76 onwards of volume 1,537, section 8, page PM-28682.

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