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"Per Amor a l'Art" in the streets and squares in Palma

The initiative "Per Amor a l'Art" (for the love of art) comes another year to fill the streets and squares in Palma with manifestations. The edition 2000, that is held between November 6 and 19, is called "Per Amor a l'Art... en temps de runes", and includes the slogan "solid waste", a direct allusion to the problem of waste disposal that at present affects the inhabitants of Mallorca directly.

"Per Amor a l'Art" intends to contribute reflection on contemporary art, and in this field, to obtain its own space and identity. According to the organisers, "Per Amor a reivinidcates the occupation of those public or private closed spaces, that are not usually included in the artistic circuits, and also the artistic use of natural areas as a form of claiming the need for their conservation and protection.

Complete programme in the Catalan version of the news.

Source: Asociaciˇn Per Amor a l'Art

Photo ę RSR:
1) Installation by Cesc Cisa Camps in the Parc de la Mar.
Datum: 08/11/2000

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