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Fiestas of the Patron Saint of Pollenša: Moors and Christians

Fiestas of the Patron Saint of Pollenša: Moors and Christians

Fiestas of the Patron Saint of Pollenša: Moors and Christians.

Until August 2 in Pollenša there will be the festivities in honour of their patron saint, a civic-religious celebration that dates from the first years of the Catalan conquest.

he central event of the festivities is the Mock Battle between Moors and Christians, to commemorate the battle by the people of Pollenša against 1,500 Moors led by the pirate Dragut, that took place on May 30 in 1550. Pollenša received on that day the most important pirate attack they had ever experienced. The battle was won thanks to the help from Joan Mas, who went out in the main street, warned everyone of the danger and ran heroically into battle against his adversaries. The mock battle was incorporated into the fiesta programme in the middle of the XIX century to recreate a historical fact that is very much in the memory of the people of Pollenša. This created a very colourful and lively celebration that counts on the participation of practically the whole town, the Christians dressed in white and Dragut's followers in multicolours.

The celebration is announced at 5 a.m. on August 2, after the dance, when the band plays the "Alborada". All the town waits impatiently for this special moment. This year the dance will feature performances by the music bands Orquestra Cabana, Horris Kamoi and Tumbet de Solfa (Plaša Major); Smile of Silence, La Banda de la Cotxera, Bizarre and Chamba Nanai (Plaza dels Seglars); and a group of DJ (Plaša de Ca les Monnares).

Throughout the day are held the Mass and the Oferta dels Cossiers (11 a.m.), the procession and the Mock Battle (7 p.m.). Once the battle is over, at about 9.30 p.m. all the Christians go to the church to sing the te-Deum and the hymn to the "mother of God of the Angels". Afterwards on leaving the church, the band plays the "Alborada" again and the fiesta finishes by singing the "Visca Pollenša" followed by a great firework display.

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Date of publication: 27/07/2006

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