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Puig de Galatzˇ

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Puig de Galatzˇ
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The Puig de Galatzˇ, 1,027 metres high, is one of the most singular and emblematic mountains on Mallorca. It is in the western area of the island, between the municipalities of Estellencs, Puigpunyent and CalviÓ. At the top, which is frequently covered by clouds like a hat, there is only a survey point, which separates the properties on which the mountain stands: Son Fortuny (Estellencs), Son NÚt (Puigpunyent) and Galatzˇ (CalviÓ).

Because of its imposing shape, the singular meteorologic conditions surrounding it, the presence of prehistoric caves for ancient sacred ceremonies and for having witnessed some violent historic events, the Puig de Galatzˇ has a large repertory of legends, myths and anecdotes that give it a special air that is magical, magnetic and phantasmagoric. It is said that the Lords of the Manors from Galatzˇ, Son Fortuny and Son NÚt used to meet on the summit seated round a stone table, without leaving each one's own property. The "Comte Mal" (the Evil Count) legend is also very popular. He was condemned for his cruelty and gallops every night, throughout eternity, on a large black horse enveloped in flames.

Despite its inaccessible aspect, there are many paths to reach Puig de Galatzˇ. The most habitual route is the one that starts from the Andratx-Estellencs Road C-710, at approximately Kilometre 97, near the Mirador des Grau. A wide path joins that starting point with the recreation area of Son Fortuny, also know as Ses Serveres, where there are tables and benches, plus a reconstructed charcoal burner's hut. Just behind the hut is the path that leads up to the Coll de sa Moleta Rasa, via the Pas des CossÝ, between two impressive mountains: Es Pinotells and the Penyal des Morro. At this point the path divides in two directions, and as is shown by an existing sign, the right fork leads to sa Mola de s'Esclop and the left, the one we must follow, takes us to the Puig de Galatzˇ. Continuing to ascend, first you reach the Coll des Morro and then there is a slight descent with views over Estellencs and towards the Puig de Galatzˇ pyramid. Continuing to ascend towards the north east, you reach the Pas de na Sabatera, the point that joins with the alternative route that comes from the Son Fortuny houses and the village of Estellencs. Leaving the path to the left and continuing to ascend through the rocks towards the Puig, you reach the remains of an old forest warden's refuge, on the crossroads with the Coll des Carniceret path, which links to Puigpunyent and Galilea. The last part of the ascent to the Puig includes stretches of bare rock which, although is not difficult, needs the maximum attention and using one's hands.

The route described excels in its vegetation, which includes amongst others Spanish Oak, Juniper, Estepa Joana (Hypericum balearicum), rosemary, socarell (Launaea cervicornis), and large areas of Mauritanian grass. There are also splendid views over the north coast plus the remains of ancient buildings connected to the charcoal burning along the path.

There are three alternative routes, all with ethnological elements and great scenic value. From Estellencs, precisely where the public wash house is, one route starts and passes by the houses of Son Fortuny and the Font de Dalt, reaching the Pas de na Sabatera, where the path joins with the route coming from the recreational area of Son Fortuny. Another route starts in Puigpunyent or in Galilea, passing through the urbanisation of Son NÚt, the Font des Pi, the Coll des Carniceret, reaching the remains of the forest warden's refuge, just before the final ascent to the Puig de Galatzˇ. Finally another route leaves Es CapdellÓ, passing by the Galatzˇ houses and along the CamÝ de les Planes, ascending to the summit directly via the south face.

The views from the summit are impressive. To the north you can see Estellencs and the sea. To the northeast, the Mola de PlanÝcia and a large part of the Serra Tramuntana, including Puig Major. To the east, the villages of the Mallorcan Plain and on clear days even the Serra de Llevant. To the southeast, the municipalities of Puigpunyent and Palma, with the Randa Mountain in the background, Cap Blanc on the horizon and on clear days, even the island of Cabrera. To the south, the municipality and coast of Calvia, with easily recognisable Es CapdellÓ and the Malgrat islets. To the southeast, the Mola of Port d'Andratx and on clear days as far as Ibiza. And to the west, the Mola de s'Esclop. It is not surprising that the Puig de Galatzˇ is considered to be one of the best natural vantage points on the island and that the climb to the summit is one of the most popular excursions on Mallorca.

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