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The houses and gardens that comprise the property of AlfÓbia are situated in the municipality of Bunyola in a valley in the south west of the mountain range of the same name, below the Coll de Sˇller pass. The visit to the property, owned by the Zaforteza family, gives access to different rooms in the mansion and also a walk round the most unique gardens on Mallorca. AlfÓbia was an ancient Moslem property and the present buildings and gardens preserve several samples of that era.

The most outstanding of the group of buildings is the main Baroque facade with and the decoration and Arab inscriptions of the XIII century that can be seen on the roof of the porchway. Also outstanding is the large interior courtyard, dominated by the overpowering presence of a Plane Tree that has a cupola diameter of over 20 metres and is almost 100 years old. The mansion boasts remarkable balconies with views over the gardens, the library with numerous works printed in the XVI and XVIII centuries, the collection of paintings and antique furniture, particularly a large wooden chair dating from the XIV century.

The gardens of AlfÓbia were declared to be historic-artistic gardens in 1954 and include various different styles, such as Arab, Italian and English with a common factor: the water falls, fountains, and ponds. Of the whole group, the most outstanding is an impressive stone staircase with parallel water channels that lead to the upper area of the gardens, where there is a vaulted water tank and an ancient dove cote. The pergola is also remarkable for its 72 columns and 24 gargoyles from which the water falls forming a passage way.

The gateway to the property is between the entrance to the Soller Tunnel and the restaurant Ses Porxeres, exactly at kilometre 18 on the Palma to Soller road, where there is a car park.

Visiting times are from Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The ticket costs 4.50 euros.

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