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Sant Antoni Festival

Sant Antoni Festival: Foto 5
Sant Antoni Festival
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The fiestas for Sant Antoni, patron saint for farm animals, are held around January 17 in a great number of towns of the island. Sa Pobla is one of the towns where Sant Antoni is celebrated most intensely. The preparations begin with the collection of fire wood from the property of sa Llebre for the bonfires that will warm up the "Revetlla" of Sant Antoni, the witching night with devils and "ximbombades" (special percussion hand drum).

The fiestas for Sant Antoni in ArtÓ are also very well known for their popular and traditional character. Each year, on January 16, at approximately 8 a.m. the "Berenar" starts, with chocolate and ensaimadas in the house of the Obrer Major. Afterwards, the musicians, who have drunk some muscatel and "mesclat" start the street parade all round the town, accompanied by devils, symbols of evil and human temptation. In the afternoon, fragments from the life of the saint are read and "Lo Elogi" is sung. Finally, in the evening, round the bonfires, the singers animate the evening with popular songs "glosses", many of which have a clearly erotic and smutty content. Everything is licit in this night of fire and devils!

The most popular event of the fiestas for Sant Antoni in Pollenša take place on January 17. In the morning, the "Traditional Float Parade" and "Bene´des - Animal blessing" are held, followed by the traditional excursion to the Ternelles property to fetch the "Pi" (pine tree). After the meal in Ternelles, the neighbours carry the popular "pi" to the square Plaša Vella. There it is stood up and all the young men of the town try to climb the 20 metres of the usual height of the pole.

The fiestas of Sant Antoni in Muro are also worth stressing, particularly the "bene´des de Sant Antoni" that take place on January 17, in the afternoon. As well as the fiestas that take place in Alarˇ, Manacor and Capdepera.

  • Picture 1: Devils exhibited in the Museu de Sant Antoni i el Dimoni
  • Pictures 2 and 3: "Caparrots" in Sa Pobla
  • Pictures 4 to 9: "Pi de Ternelles" en Pollenša
  • Pictures 10 to 12: "Bene´des" in Muro
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