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El Teix

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El Teix
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The puig del Teix (1064 m) is one of the most emblematic mountains on Mallora. The summit belongs to the municipality of DeiÓ, although the main mass is shared between DeiÓ, Valldemossa, Sˇller and Bunyola. The name of the mountain comes from the Mallorcan name for the European Conifer, the Ewe (Taxus baccata), a species that used to be frequent in the area, and a few still remain.

Like many other geographical accidents on the islands, the Teix is considered to be magical. If the Galatzˇ is the bewitched and phantasmagorical mountain, the Teix is the enchanted mountain, with a great power of attraction. Its magnetism has been the source of inspiration for many artists and writers, such as Robert Graves, who used to live on the slopes of the Tex, in ca n'Alluny, and was extremely fond of the mountain.

The ascent up the Teix is one of the most typical and spectacular excursions on Mallorca. There are many routes leading up to the summit, but here we describe the route that starts and finishes in Valldemossa, ascending via the Pouet plain and descending via the forest refuge Son Moragues.

The excursion starts by going up the stone steps on the left-hand side of the old public school in Valldemossa that leads to the extreme north west of the Archduke housing estate. At the end of the steps, turning right and then left and left again, finally right, the cart track is found that goes up to the Pouet plain, next to the entrance of the son Gual Petit property.

The stone path ascends steeply up to a metal gate that has to be crossed via wooden steps. Five minutes later, turning a few metres towards the left, the Abeurada fountain can be seen, in an area where old charcoal burners huts and "sitges" (circular plots called where charcoal was burnt) can be seen. Returning to the path rising steeply and after some 30 minutes you reach the dry-stone wall that borders the Pouet plain. At this point you must continue the path on the right, leaving the path on the left that goes north. Continuing uphill, you cross the "paso de en Miquel" and reach the two lookout points over Valldemossa, the "Mirador de la Regata de les Onze" and the "Mirador de ses Basses", both on the right hand side a few metres away. Following the stone path, some fifteen minutes after the "Mirador de ses Basses", pay special attention to the covered Fontanelles water deposit, on the left of the path, a few metres down. Following via the Artiges plain, you leave the Holm Oak wood and link up with the Archiduque path, which borders the cliffside offering inimitable views over the DeiÓ coast.

On reaching the so-called Racˇ Perdut, you must leave the Archduke path and turn left to start the ascent to the summit of the Teix. The crossroads is found by the pile of stones. Passing via the Serp plain without much difficulty in half an hour you reach the summit where there is a Trig. Point. The views over the Tramuntana range, the north coast and the Bay of Palma are spectacular.

The descent is carried out via the same side of the summit and a little before returning to the Serp plain, turn a few metres to the right to visit the Serp fountain. Returning and continuing the descent from the summit take the Archduke path that leads to the refuge and the Son Moragues snow hut. As from here the route becomes a forest path and descends steeply in zig zags via the Vairats valley, passing through the rest area of the Polls fountain and numerous charcoal areas with examples of the ancient forest activities such as charcoal burner huts and lime kilns.

After climbing over a wooden gate, the descent continues among olive trees and just before reaching a fork towards the houses of La Coma, you must turn right, going through an iron gate. Continuing towards the west you reach the starting point of the excursion in the Archduke housing estate.

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