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S'Arracó, a small village in the municipality of Andratx, is to be found in the valley of the same name, between the neighbouring valleys of Andratx and Sa Palomera. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the urban centre began to take form around the Saint Christ chapel, starting with existing properties, such as Son Joan. The chapel was built by Antoni Ferrandell Verí, considered to be the founder of the village. The church was declared a parish in the middle of the XIX century, and its exterior is marked by the tower with striking windows and the rectory. Inside, the figure of Saint Christ presides the main altar and the statue of the Virgin Mary, that originates from the ancient Trappist Monastery, is to be found in a lateral chapel.

The majority of the houses in the village are on either side of the road from Andratx to Sant Elm, entering via the Coll de s'Arracó, and leaving after crossing the village, via the Coll de la Palomera. The urban group has several houses in the modernist style that were built by Arraconers who emigrated to France. The old school building is also remarkable, and also three bars that are the meeting points for the villagers: Can Nou, Can Viguet and Can Prima. At present s'Arracó has some 1,000 inhabitants, including a significant number of artists of different nationalities who have chosen this peaceful valley as their residence.

S'Arracó is a compulsory en route visit to get to the coastal resort of Sant Elm and the island sa Dragonera. It is also an excellent starting point to carry out different walks, such as the one that starts 150 metres after the cemetery and goes up to la Trapa. The village also communicates via a newly renovated road that links to the Andratx to Port road.

The patron festivities are held around August 28, festivity of San Agustín, and extending to September 8, when the festivity of the Virgin of La Trapa es celebrated.

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