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Honey Fair in Llubí

Honey Fair in Llubí: Foto 1
Honey Fair in Llubí
  • Honey Fair in Llubí: Foto 1
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Every year on the fourth Sunday in November the municipality of Llubí holds the "Fira de la Mel", a great exhibition around the world of bees, that is installed in the very square and road where the weekly market is held on Tuesdays. Llubi's sweet fair has the participation of a large number of bee keepers from Mallorca, Menorca and the Pitiüses. It includes an exhibition of honeys, waxes, apiculture materials and derived products. There are also tastings, informative stands and stalls where the related products are sold.

The Honey Fair forms part of the different events programmed during November around the traditional fair that every year is held there on or after November 25 (Santa Catalina). On that day, the stalls are installed in the Church Square and the surrounding streets. As well as the usual food, clothing and artisan stalls of the weekly market there are vehicles and agricultural machinery. There are also stalls that sell torrons (traditional almond Christmas sweet), chestnuts and other products typical of the approaching Christmas festivities.

Llubí, like other municipalities of the Mallorcan Plain, is dedicated to farming activities. Amongst these one of the most important is the cultivation of capers which was the origin of an important canning industry in the town. Since the XIV and XV centuries they have also been dedicated to producing honey. At that time honey was exported to Provence.

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