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Olive Fair in Caimari

Olive Fair in Caimari: Foto 1
Olive Fair in Caimari
  • Olive Fair in Caimari: Foto 1
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Every year, during the third weekend in November, Caimari, a small village in the municipality of Selva, holds the Olive Fair, dedicated basically to promoting the traditional production of oil and olives. The programmed events start on the Friday afternoon with the delivery by the local youngsters of olive branches to all the homes.

The fair opens officially on Saturday at 4 p.m. with the opening of the exhibition that takes place in the centre of the village about oil and other products from Caimari, such as almonds. The walk round the fair includes, amongst other activities, different tastings, also visits to the new and old olive presses belonging to Oli Caimari and the old almond breaker belonging to ca na Bielona. It also includes a visit to the Ethnological Park, in the entrance to the village coming from Palma.

On Sunday morning, with a huge public attendance, the fair opens again. As well as the previous walk round, there are many individual exhibitions, such as the one dedicated to olives, almonds, carobs and fruit trees. These latest editions, as a novelty, have a sheep dog competition on Sunday morning.

Caimari has a long tradition in the production of oil, starting in Roman times and lasting to the modern day. As from the XVI century, principally during the XVIII and XIX centuries, the production, transformation and marketing of the oil and olives became the main wealth of the village.

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