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Peace Demonstrations Continue

Peace Demonstrations Continue
Organised by the Plataforma per la Democràcia i la Globalització Social, over ten thousand people of all ages demonstrated again last Saturday through the streets of Palma against the war. A numerous group of actors in the name of Encuentro de Arte por la Paz gave a festive and protest tone to the movement that went peacefully through the Plaza Espanya to the Voltes, via the Avenidas and Paseo Marítimo. When the demonstrators reached Ses Voltes, the reporter Marisol Ramírez read the unitarian manifest against the war and the event ended with the performance of the humorist Llonovoy. The demonstration last Saturday is the fifth massive one organised by the Plataforma per la Democràcia i la Globalització Social against the war in Iraq. The first was on February 15 with over 40,000 people, the second on March 15 with 20,000 demonstrators, the third on March 20, coincided with the start of the war, with the attendance by 15,000 people and the fourth on March 29 with over 20,000 people.

The public from the Pitiüses also demonstrated again last Saturday. In Eivissa nearly a thousand people of all ages demonstrated peacefully through the centre of Vila, following the route organised by the Plataforma per la Pau d'Eivissa. The Plataforma per la Pau d'Eivissa has organised the Ibizans to gather every Saturday at 8 p.m. in the paseo Vara de Rey to express their rejection of the war. As for Formentera, over 300 people answer the call from the Plataforma per la Pau de Formentera and demonstrated peacefully again last Saturday against the war in the plaza del Ayuntamiento. The Plataforma per la Pau de Formentera is organising a concert against the war that will take place on Saturday April 19 in the church square of Sant Ferran.

On Menorca the movements are also continuing against the war and last Friday and Saturday there was a popular poll, organised by the plataforma Menorca per la Pau, in which over 4,500 people participated, and showed by majority their rejection to the war. The plataforma Menorca per la Pau continues to call the public of the municipalities of Menorca to carry out 'saucepan banging demos' against the war each Wednesday outside the town halls.  As for Ciutadella Council, it continues to invite the public to hold a three minute silence every day at 12 noon in front of the town hall to show their commitment with peace.

Photographic report:
27 photographs of the demonstration in Palma

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Datum: 13/04/2003

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