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Fiestas for the Diada in Lluc

Fiestas for the Diada in Lluc

The grand dance of the Diada will be held on Saturday night.

The Lluc Sanctuary will hold the festivities for the Diada 2010 between September 4 and 12. This year the musician and writer Carlos Garrido will read the official proclamation. The programme includes as usual the grand dance of the Diada, that will take place the evening of Saturday 11, and the XXXI Pujada a Peu de la Part Forana (walk up from the villages), organised by the Associaciˇ d'Antics Blavets, that will be held in the small hours of Sunday 12.

There will also be a series of cultural activities that are available (PDF) in the website of the Sanctuary. Among others, worth stressing is the homage to Brother MaciÓ Ripoll (80 years), creator and maintainer of Lluc Botanical Garden, and the reading and exhibition of solidarity stories by the Concordia Foundation.

More info: www.lluc.net

Datum: 01/09/2010

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