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Fiestas for Sant Honorat in Algaida

Fiestas for Sant Honorat in Algaida: Foto 1
Fiestas for Sant Honorat in Algaida

In the middle of January Algaida celebrates the fiestas for Sant Honorat with a complete programme of activities that combines cultural proposals with other traditional events, amongst which worth stressing is the dance by the Cossiers.

The dance of the Cossiers is a popular dance with very ancient origins that is conserved in Algaida and some other places in Mallorca. The Cossiers, six men and a lady accompanied by a devil, dance to the rhythm of of melodies played by the pipers and bagpipers (fabiolers and xeremiers).

The Cossiers dance on Monday, January 16, at 11 a.m. within the mass for Sant Honorat, which also includes a concert by Orfeˇ de Castellitx, and afterwards they dance outside the church.

More over, there are celebrations in Pina for Sant Antoni: on the evening of the 16th, the traditional bonfires with "torrada", and on the 17th, the traditional "Bene´des" (animal blessing).

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